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Micro Noises

Micro Noises 62 - Retiree Round

With three players announcing their retirements this week, Gigs speculates on the perfect end to the careers of Hayes, Maxwell and Cassisi.


Micro Noises 61 - Simply the Don thing

Bomber fans thought Essendon's victory over Port was one for the ages but Gigs reckons it was just a routine win! 


Footy Blogs

Once a Jolly Ruckman ....

...camped by a behind post? Very old Fitzroy fans would turn in their graves, not so old would shake their heads when the club in 1962 moved to change its  song.


Looking for a win

After another Western Bulldogs loss, Gigs couldn't do the crossword the next morning. Instead, he penned this ode to the Doggies and their fans.


In search of Prince Alfred footballers

Can you help Tony Aldous in his search for state footballers who went to Prince Alfred College?