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Micro Noises

Micro Noises - Waning Cats & Dockers

Geelong bowed out in straight sets on Friday night but, as Gigs points out, at least they created history in doing so.


Micro Noises 68 - Tiger time is coming!

Richmond came crashing down to Earth with a thud last Sunday, but Gigs has found a very positive sign for the Tigers' near future in amongst the wreckage.


Footy Blogs

Gigs Ladder Comp - Semi Final update

Tom R holds onto top spot in the Gigs Ladder Comp but his lead has been slashed in half. Is there still time if the others are good enough? 


Gigs Ladder Comp - As you were

With just one change of result last weekend, things could have been very, very different, says Gigs.


A Bulldog - not quite through & through

Andrew Gigacz pays tribute to his dad, never a great fan of footy but a Bulldog nonetheless.