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1115 players found with last names beginning with C.

Cabble, Ron  (Hawthorn)
Cable, Barry  (North Melbourne)
Cable, Shane  (West Coast)
Cachia, Jaryd  (Carlton)
Caddy, Josh  (Gold Coast, Geelong)
Cadusch, John  (Fitzroy)
Caesar, Jack  (Essendon)
Caffery, Jim  (Carlton)
Caffyn, Marshall  (South Melbourne)
Cahill, Bill  (Essendon)
Cahill, Brian  (North Melbourne)
Cahill, Darrell
Cahill, Frank  (Footscray, Carlton)
Cahill, Jack  (Carlton)
Cahill, Jack
Cahill, Jack
Cahill, Laurie  (Richmond)
Cahill, Pat  (Footscray, St Kilda)
Cahill, Ted  (Footscray)
Cahill, Terry  (Essendon)
Cahill, Terry  (Collingwood)
Cahir, Gerard  (St Kilda)
Cain, Tom
Caine, Frank  (Carlton, Essendon)
Cairns, Arthur  (St Kilda)
Cairns, Jimmy  (South Melbourne)
Calder, Don  (Carlton)
Calder, Tom  (South Melbourne)
Caldwell, Arthur  (St Kilda)
Caldwell, Jim  (South Melbourne)
Caldwell, Neville
Callaghan, Craig  (Fremantle, St Kilda)
Callahan, Joe  (Essendon)
Callan, Hughie  (Essendon, South Melbourne)
Callan, Terry  (Geelong)
Callan, Tim  (Geelong, Western Bulldogs)
Callander, Kevin  (Richmond)
Callery, Paul  (Melbourne, St Kilda, South Melbourne)
Calleson, George  (Collingwood)
Callick, Alf  (South Melbourne)
Callick, Alf  (South Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Callinan, Ian  (Adelaide)
Callow, Allan  (St Kilda)
Calthorpe, David  (Essendon, Brisbane, North Melbourne)
Calverley, Bruce  (Fitzroy)
Calverley, Des  (Fitzroy, Richmond)
Calverley, Graham  (Fitzroy)
Calverley, Ray  (Fitzroy)
Calvert, Jim  (St Kilda)
Calvert, Ossie  (Geelong)
Calwell, Bert  (Hawthorn)
Calwell, Clarrie  (Carlton)
Calwell, George  (Carlton)
Calwell, Tom  (Hawthorn)
Cambridge, Artie  (Melbourne)
Cameron, Barry  (Richmond)
Cameron, Bill  (St Kilda)
Cameron, Bob  (Carlton)
Cameron, Charlie  (Adelaide)
Cameron, Charlie  (North Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Cameron, Charlie  (South Melbourne, Geelong)
Cameron, Charlie  (Fitzroy)
Cameron, Chris  (Carlton)
Cameron, Clay  (Gold Coast)
Cameron, David  (Geelong, Brisbane)
Cameron, Don  (Melbourne)
Cameron, Ernie  (Essendon)
Cameron, Frank  (University)
Cameron, Garry  (North Melbourne)
Cameron, Gary  (Geelong)
Cameron, Gordon  (Carlton)
Cameron, Jeremy  (GWS)
Cameron, Jim  (South Melbourne)
Cameron, Ken  (Geelong)
Cameron, Lachlan  (Hawthorn)
Cameron, Leon  (Western Bulldogs, Richmond)
Cameron, Les  (North Melbourne)
Cameron, Paul  (South Melbourne, Carlton)
Cameron, Stuart  (Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Cameron, Wally  (St Kilda)
Camm, Jim  (St Kilda)
Campbell, Adam  (Fremantle)
Campbell, Adrian  (Footscray, Melbourne)
Campbell, Bill  (North Melbourne)
Campbell, Bill  (Fitzroy)
Campbell, Blair  (Richmond, Melbourne)
Campbell, Blake  (Carlton)
Campbell, Bob  (St Kilda)
Campbell, Brad  (St Kilda)
Campbell, Bradley  (Melbourne)
Campbell, Bruce  (Carlton, Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Campbell, Bryce  (Adelaide)
Campbell, Colin  (Collingwood)
Campbell, Colin  (Essendon)
Campbell, Des  (Melbourne)
Campbell, Dick  (St Kilda)
Campbell, Euan  (Melbourne)
Campbell, Fred  (Sydney, St Kilda)
Campbell, Garnet  (Essendon)
Campbell, Graham  (Fitzroy)
Campbell, Grant
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Jim  (Essendon)
Campbell, Joe  (St Kilda)
Campbell, Matt  (North Melbourne)
Campbell, Matthew  (Brisbane)
Campbell, Neville  (South Melbourne)
Campbell, Norm  (Collingwood)
Campbell, Peter  (Geelong)
Campbell, Peter  (Carlton)
Campbell, Robert  (Hawthorn)
Campbell, Russell  (South Melbourne)
Campbell, Sam  (Collingwood)
Campbell, Tom  (Western Bulldogs)
Campbell, Tom  (Hawthorn)
Campbell, Tony  (Melbourne, Footscray)
Campbell, Warren  (North Melbourne)
Campbell, Wayne  (Richmond)
Camporeale, Scott  (Carlton, Essendon)
Canavan, Joe  (South Melbourne, Melbourne)
Canaway, Claude  (Fitzroy)
Canet, Charlie  (Carlton)
Canfield, Jim  (Carlton)
Cannan, Jack  (Melbourne)
Canning, Warren  (Geelong)
Cannon, Bill  (St Kilda)
Capes, Ross
Caporn, Ken
Capper, Warwick  (Brisbane, Sydney)
Caprioli, Robert  (Sydney)
Capsalis, Leigh  (St Kilda)
Capuano, Barry  (Essendon)
Capuano, Matthew  (North Melbourne, St Kilda)
Caracella, Blake  (Essendon, Brisbane, Collingwood)
Carafa, Tony  (Fitzroy)
Carbarns, Les  (St Kilda, Hawthorn)
Carbon, Harry
Carbone, Frank  (St Kilda)
Card, George  (Geelong)
Card, Ray  (Geelong)
Carden, Bill  (Collingwood)
Carew, Bobby  (Richmond)
Carey, Bert  (Fitzroy, Hawthorn)
Carey, Bill  (Hawthorn)
Carey, George  (Fitzroy)
Carey, Harry  (Essendon)
Carey, Peter
Carey, Stefan  (Sydney, Brisbane)
Carey, Stephen  (Essendon, Geelong)
Carey, Tom  (North Melbourne)
Carey, Wayne  (North Melbourne, Adelaide)
Caris, George  (South Melbourne)
Carkeek, Vernon  (Collingwood)
Carkeek, William  (Essendon)
Carland, Matt  (Essendon, Footscray)
Carlile, Alipate  (Port Adelaide)
Carlile, John  (South Melbourne)
Carlisle, Jake  (Essendon)
Carlon, Ken  (Melbourne)
Carlon, Mark  (St Kilda)
Carlson, Bill  (St Kilda)
Carlson, Darren  (Brisbane)
Carlson, Leigh  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Carlton, Phil  (South Melbourne)
Carlyon, Tom  (St Kilda)
Carman, Phil  (Collingwood, Melbourne, Essendon, North Melbourne)
Carman, Syd  (Essendon)
Carmichael, Bob  (Collingwood)
Carmichael, Don  (Essendon)
Carmichael, Max  (Hawthorn)
Carmody, Bill  (St Kilda)
Carmody, Bill  (Carlton)
Carmody, Jack  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Carmody, John  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Carmody, Tom  (Collingwood)
Carney, Jack  (Geelong, Carlton)
Carpenter, Fred  (South Melbourne)
Carpenter, George  (St Kilda)
Carpenter, John  (Essendon)
Carr, Alan  (North Melbourne)
Carr, Alister  (St Kilda)
Carr, Barney  (St Kilda)
Carr, Claud  (Melbourne)
Carr, Jack  (Melbourne)
Carr, Josh  (Fremantle, Port Adelaide)
Carr, Les  (Carlton)
Carr, Matthew  (St Kilda, Fremantle)
Carr, Ray  (Melbourne)
Carr, Reg  (Fitzroy)
Carr, Tom  (Port Adelaide)
Carr, Tommy  (St Kilda)
Carrazzo, Andrew  (Carlton)
Carrick, Bill  (Richmond)
Carrodus, Trevor  (South Melbourne)
Carroll, Andy  (Geelong)
Carroll, Bob  (Melbourne, Hawthorn, Fitzroy)
Carroll, Brian  (Fitzroy)
Carroll, Chris  (North Melbourne)
Carroll, Dennis  (Sydney)
Carroll, Hugh  (North Melbourne)
Carroll, Jack  (Collingwood)
Carroll, Jim  (Carlton)
Carroll, Keith  (Melbourne)
Carroll, Laurie  (St Kilda)
Carroll, Nathan  (Melbourne)
Carroll, Noel  (Fitzroy)
Carroll, Ted  (Footscray, Melbourne, Collingwood)
Carroll, Tom  (Carlton)
Carroll, Trent  (Fremantle, West Coast)
Carroll, Vic  (Fitzroy)
Carroll, Wayne  (Sydney)
Carruthers, Bruce  (Essendon)
Carruthers, Ron  (Collingwood)
Carruthers, Ron  (Collingwood)
Carstairs, Jim  (Essendon)
Carswell, Tommy  (St Kilda)
Carter, Adam  (West Coast)
Carter, Colin  (St Kilda)
Carter, Ernie  (Richmond, Carlton)
Carter, George  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Carter, Harold  (Fitzroy, Carlton)
Carter, Johnny  (Fitzroy)
Carter, Len  (Hawthorn)
Carter, Nick  (Fitzroy, Brisbane, Melbourne)
Carter, Noel  (Richmond)
Carter, Peter  (South Melbourne, Collingwood)
Carter, Rod  (Fitzroy, Sydney)
Carter, Stephen  (Port Adelaide)
Carter, Wally  (North Melbourne)
Carter, Wally  (Melbourne)
Cartledge, Geoff  (Hawthorn)
Cartledge, Tristan  (Essendon, Richmond)
Cartwright, Gilbert  (Hawthorn)
Cartwright, Stuart  (Richmond)
Casboult, Levi  (Carlton)
Case, Geoff  (Melbourne)
Casey, Bill  (Carlton)
Casey, Colin
Casey, Dick  (South Melbourne)
Casey, Gordon  (Carlton, Footscray)
Casey, Vin  (North Melbourne)
Cash, Pat  (Hawthorn)
Cashin, Norm  (Carlton)
Cashion, Terry  (South Melbourne)
Cashman, Jack  (Fitzroy, Carlton)
Caspar, Harry  (Carlton)
Casserly, Tony
Cassidy, Brad  (Fitzroy, Collingwood)
Cassidy, Dudley  (North Melbourne)
Cassidy, George  (Melbourne)
Cassidy, Jeff  (Geelong)
Cassidy, Roy  (South Melbourne)
Cassin, Jack  (Essendon)
Cassin, John  (Essendon, North Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Cassisi, Domenic  (Port Adelaide)
Castledine, Fred
Castlehow, Trevor  (South Melbourne)
Castles, Stan  (Fitzroy)
Castles, Trevor  (Melbourne)
Castles, Vic  (South Melbourne)
Castrikum, Peter  (Footscray)
Catarinich, John  (South Melbourne)
Cathie, George  (Hawthorn)
Cathie, George  (Melbourne)
Cations, Allan  (Richmond)
Catlin, Alf  (Collingwood)
Catlin, Sid  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Catoggio, Vin  (Carlton, Melbourne, Sydney)
Caton, Kevin  (West Coast, Fitzroy, Brisbane)
Catton, Len  (Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Caudwell, Don  (Collingwood)
Caulfield, John  (Richmond)
Caust, Arnold
Caust, Paul
Cave, Bob  (St Kilda)
Cave, Matt  (Footscray, St Kilda)
Cavedon, Andrew  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Caven, Peter  (Fitzroy, Sydney, Adelaide)
Cayzer, Geoff  (St Kilda)
Cazaly, Ernie  (St Kilda)
Cazaly, Roy  (St Kilda, South Melbourne)
Ceglar, David  (North Melbourne)
Ceglar, Jonathon  (Hawthorn)
Cerini, Athol  (Essendon)
Chadwick, Bert  (Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Chadwick, Bob  (Melbourne)
Chadwick, Derek
Chaffey, Mark  (Richmond)
Challenger, Charlie  (Essendon)
Challis, George  (Carlton)
Challis, Harry  (Fitzroy)
Chalmers, Brett  (Adelaide, Port Adelaide)
Chalmers, Eric  (Richmond)
Chalmers, Graeme  (Footscray)
Chalmers, Harry  (North Melbourne, Footscray)
Chalmers, Percy  (Fitzroy)
Chalmers, Wally  (Essendon)
Chamberlain, Keith  (North Melbourne)
Chamberlain, Neil  (Melbourne)
Chambers, Bruce  (Fitzroy)
Chambers, Callum  (West Coast, Carlton)
Chambers, Jack  (Geelong)
Chambers, Ken  (Fitzroy)
Chambers, Paul  (Geelong, Sydney)
Chambers, Wylie  (South Melbourne)
Champion, Richard  (Brisbane)
Chandler, Allan  (Hawthorn)
Chandler, Bert  (Hawthorn, Melbourne)
Chandler, Brett  (Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
Chandler, Dick  (Hawthorn, Carlton)
Chandler, Gil  (Hawthorn)
Chandler, Jeff  (North Melbourne)
Chandler, Joe  (South Melbourne)
Chandler, Neil  (Carlton, St Kilda)
Chandler, Newton  (Carlton)
Chanter, Fred  (Fitzroy)
Chanter, Vic  (Fitzroy)
Chaplin, Troy  (Port Adelaide, Richmond)
Chaplin, Wilfred
Chapman, Alf  (South Melbourne)
Chapman, Bert  (Collingwood)
Chapman, Bert  (St Kilda)
Chapman, Charles  (Fitzroy)
Chapman, Dean  (St Kilda)
Chapman, Doug  (Richmond, Melbourne)
Chapman, Fred  (Fitzroy)
Chapman, Gary  (Fitzroy)
Chapman, George  (St Kilda)
Chapman, George  (Fitzroy, St Kilda)
Chapman, James  (Fitzroy)
Chapman, Jeff  (Melbourne)
Chapman, Keith  (Essendon)
Chapman, Nathan  (Brisbane, Hawthorn)
Chapman, Paul  (Geelong, Essendon)
Chapman, Sam  (Carlton)
Chapman, Wade  (Sydney)
Chapple, Les  (Footscray)
Charge, Les  (South Melbourne)
Charles, John  (Footscray)
Charles, John  (Fitzroy)
Charles, Justin  (Footscray, Richmond)
Charles, Norm  (Footscray)
Charles, Sean  (Melbourne, Carlton, St Kilda)
Charleson, Bill  (Fitzroy)
Charleston, Aub  (Carlton, Essendon)
Charleston, Peter  (Hawthorn, South Melbourne)
Charlesworth, Jack
Charman, Jamie  (Brisbane)
Chatfield, Adam  (Carlton)
Chatfield, Eric  (Fitzroy)
Cheatley, Barry  (North Melbourne)
Cheeseman, Henry  (Geelong)
Cheffers, Herbert  (Collingwood)
Cheffers, John  (Carlton)
Cheffers, Percy  (St Kilda)
Cheney, Kyle  (Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Cherry, Reginald
Chessell, Keith
Chesswas, Harry  (Collingwood)
Chick, Daniel  (Hawthorn, West Coast)
Chick, John  (Carlton)
Chigwidden, Nick
Chilcott, Arthur  (Sydney)
Chilton, Peter  (Hawthorn)
Chinn, Ian  (South Melbourne)
Chipp, Alan  (Fitzroy)
Chipp, Don  (Fitzroy)
Chirgwin, Brian  (Geelong)
Chirgwin, Dick  (Richmond, Footscray, South Melbourne, North Melbourne)
Chiron, Dean  (St Kilda, Footscray, Melbourne)
Chiron, Gene  (Hawthorn)
Chisholm, Bob  (South Melbourne)
Chisholm, Brian  (South Melbourne)
Chisholm, Eric  (Melbourne)
Chisholm, Les  (Geelong)
Chisholm, Norm  (Footscray)
Chisholm, Scott  (Fremantle, Melbourne)
Chisnall, Peter  (North Melbourne)
Chitty, Bob  (Carlton)
Chitty, Peter  (St Kilda)
Chivers, Dave  (Fitzroy)
Chivers, John  (Richmond)
Chown, Alf  (Hawthorn)
Christensen, Allen  (Geelong)
Christensen, Damien  (Geelong)
Christensen, Martin  (Geelong, North Melbourne)
Christensen, Ross  (Footscray, Geelong)
Christian, Michael  (Collingwood)
Christie, David
Christie, Graham
Christie, Ken  (Melbourne)
Christou, Ang  (Carlton)
Christou, Jim  (Fitzroy)
Christou, John  (Fitzroy)
Christy, Dave
Churchett, Col  (South Melbourne)
Churchill, Bill  (South Melbourne)
Churchman, Joe  (Hawthorn)
Churchyard, Bill  (Carlton)
Ciccotosto, Brian
Cicolella, Justin  (Adelaide)
Cinoris, Len
Clancy, Jack  (Fitzroy)
Clancy, Peter  (St Kilda)
Clancy, Tom  (South Melbourne, Carlton, Collingwood)
Clape, Matt  (West Coast, Carlton)
Clapham, Murray  (North Melbourne)
Clapson, Harry  (North Melbourne)
Clapton, Jim  (Carlton)
Clark, Bill  (St Kilda)
Clark, Bobby  (Footscray)
Clark, Denis  (Melbourne)
Clark, Eric  (Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
Clark, George  (Richmond)
Clark, Jack  (North Melbourne)
Clark, Jim  (Carlton)
Clark, Kevin  (Melbourne, Carlton)
Clark, Len  (Collingwood)
Clark, Michael  (Melbourne)
Clark, Michael  (Fremantle)
Clark, Milton  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Clark, Mitch  (Brisbane, Melbourne)
Clark, Norm  (North Adelaide , Carlton)
Clark, Simon  (Richmond)
Clark, Steven  (Essendon, Melbourne, St Kilda)
Clark, Wally  (Fitzroy)
Clarke, Alex  (North Melbourne)
Clarke, Alex
Clarke, Ansell  (Carlton, St Kilda)
Clarke, Bert  (North Melbourne)
Clarke, Bert  (Geelong)
Clarke, Bill  (South Melbourne)
Clarke, Charlie  (St Kilda)
Clarke, David  (Geelong, Carlton)
Clarke, David  (Geelong, Carlton)
Clarke, Doug  (Richmond)
Clarke, Eric  (St Kilda)
Clarke, Fred  (Richmond)
Clarke, Harry  (South Melbourne)
Clarke, Harry  (St Kilda)
Clarke, Harry  (Fitzroy)
Clarke, Jack  (Essendon)
Clarke, Jack
Clarke, Justin  (Brisbane)
Clarke, Kelvin  (Melbourne)
Clarke, Ken  (Geelong)
Clarke, Kevin  (Collingwood)
Clarke, Len  (Carlton)
Clarke, Leo  (Richmond)
Clarke, Martin  (Collingwood)
Clarke, Matthew  (Brisbane, Adelaide, St Kilda)
Clarke, Nathan  (Brisbane)
Clarke, Neil  (Essendon)
Clarke, Noel  (Melbourne)
Clarke, Paul  (North Melbourne)
Clarke, Raphael  (St Kilda)
Clarke, Ray  (North Melbourne)
Clarke, Syd
Clarke, Thomas  (Essendon)
Clarke, Thornton  (Fitzroy)
Clarke, Tim  (Hawthorn)
Clarke, Trevor
Clarke, Troy  (Brisbane)
Clarke, Walter  (St Kilda)
Clarke, Xavier  (St Kilda, Brisbane)
Clarke, Zac  (Fremantle)
Clarkson, Alastair  (North Melbourne, Melbourne)
Clarkson, Jack  (Essendon)
Clarkson, Justin  (Sydney)
Clarkson, Tony
Clauscen, Alf  (St Kilda)
Clauscen, Edmund  (North Melbourne)
Claxton, John  (Richmond)
Claxton, Norman
Clay, Alf  (Hawthorn, Footscray, Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
Clay, Bert  (Fitzroy)
Clay, Dick  (Richmond)
Clay, Ivor  (Fitzroy)
Clayden, George  (Collingwood)
Clayton, Cameron  (Richmond, Melbourne, Essendon)
Clayton, Jeremy  (North Melbourne)
Clayton, Scott  (Fitzroy)
Clayton, Shane  (Fitzroy, Brisbane, North Melbourne)
Cleal, Peter  (St Kilda)
Clearson, Len  (Geelong)
Cleary, Bill  (Fitzroy)
Cleary, Jack  (Hawthorn)
Cleary, Jack  (Fitzroy)
Cleary, Jim  (South Melbourne)
Cleary, Pat  (Collingwood)
Cleave, Craig  (Geelong)
Clegg, Brian  (South Melbourne)
Clegg, John  (Footscray)
Clegg, Ron  (South Melbourne)
Cleghorn, Arthur  (Essendon)
Clemenger, John  (Geelong)
Clement, James  (Fremantle, Collingwood)
Clements, Arthur  (Hawthorn)
Clements, Bill  (Richmond)
Clements, Bryan  (Fitzroy)
Clements, Charles  (South Melbourne)
Clements, Herb  (St Kilda)
Clements, Jack  (Hawthorn)
Clements, Leo  (Hawthorn)
Clennett, John  (Melbourne)
Cliff, Jack  (St Kilda)
Clifford, Bob  (Richmond)
Clifford, Stephen  (Collingwood)
Clift, Roger
Clifton, Jeff  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Clifton, Steve  (GWS)
Clingly, Mick
Clisby, Mitch  (Melbourne)
Clisby, Trevor
Clissold, George  (Footscray)
Clohesy, Bill  (Carlton)
Cloke, Cameron  (Collingwood, Carlton, Port Adelaide)
Cloke, David  (Collingwood, Richmond)
Cloke, Jason  (Collingwood)
Cloke, Peter  (Richmond)
Cloke, Travis  (Collingwood)
Close, Michael  (Brisbane)
Close, Robin  (Essendon)
Closter, Wayne  (Geelong)
Clough, Allan  (Footscray)
Clough, Claude  (St Kilda)
Clough, Dick  (Essendon)
Clouston, Scott  (Brisbane)
Clover, Horrie  (Carlton)
Clowe, Clarrie  (Carlton, Essendon)
Clucas, Matthew  (Fremantle)
Clues, Ivan  (Collingwood)
Clune, Kevin
Clurey, Tom  (Port Adelaide)
Clymo, Charlie  (St Kilda)
Clyne, Graeme  (Fitzroy)
Coad, James
Coad, Michael  (Gold Coast)
Coady, Bill  (St Kilda)
Coates, George  (Fitzroy)
Coates, Michael  (Fitzroy)
Coates, Wally  (Fitzroy, Essendon)
Cobain, Arthur  (St Kilda)
Cobain, Rod  (Fitzroy)
Cochran, Eric  (Carlton)
Cochrane, Bill
Cochrane, George  (Essendon)
Cochrane, Stuart  (North Melbourne, Port Adelaide)
Cock, Arthur  (St Kilda)
Cock, Craig
Cock, Eric  (Collingwood)
Cock, Herbert  (Collingwood, Carlton)
Cockatoo-Collins, Che  (Essendon, Port Adelaide)
Cockatoo-Collins, David  (Melbourne)
Cockatoo-Collins, Don  (Melbourne)
Cockbill, Jack  (South Melbourne)
Cockburn, Jack  (Essendon)
Cockerell, Bob  (Footscray)
Cockfield, Ken  (St Kilda)
Cockie, Adam  (West Coast)
Cockram, Arthur  (Fitzroy)
Cockram, Norm  (Fitzroy)
Cockram, Tommy  (Collingwood)
Cocks, Bill  (Hawthorn)
Cockshell, Adam  (Port Adelaide)
Code, David  (Melbourne)
Cody, Matt  (Collingwood)
Coelli, Rod  (South Melbourne)
Coffey, Bill  (Essendon)
Coffey, Denis
Coffey, Jack  (St Kilda)
Coffey, John  (South Melbourne)
Coghlan, Arthur  (Geelong)
Coghlan, Davitt  (Fitzroy)
Coghlan, Frank  (St Kilda)
Coghlan, Glen  (St Kilda)
Coghlan, John  (South Melbourne)
Coghlan, Johnny  (Melbourne)
Coghlan, Kevin  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Colbert, Leigh  (Geelong, North Melbourne)
Colbey, Brian
Colclough, Graham  (Melbourne)
Colcott, Russell  (Melbourne)
Cole, Billy  (St Kilda)
Cole, Brian  (Collingwood)
Cole, Des  (St Kilda)
Cole, Fred  (St Kilda)
Cole, Max  (Fitzroy)
Cole, Richard  (Collingwood, Essendon)
Colechin, Bert  (Collingwood)
Colee, Percy  (Melbourne)
Coleman, Bob
Coleman, Brian  (Hawthorn)
Coleman, Brian  (Essendon)
Coleman, Glenn  (Fitzroy, Sydney, Footscray)
Coleman, John  (Essendon)
Coles, Charlie  (Geelong)
Coles, Clive  (Geelong, St Kilda)
Coles, Henry  (Collingwood, Melbourne)
Coles, Jack  (Richmond)
Colgan, Charlie  (South Melbourne)
Colgan, John
Coligan, Michael
Collard, Clayton  (Fremantle)
Collard, Cyril  (Hawthorn)
Collard, George  (Carlton, South Melbourne)
Colledge, Brant  (West Coast)
Coller, Ray  (Fitzroy)
Colley, Tim  (Geelong)
Collica, Michael  (Hawthorn, West Coast)
Collicoat, Ken  (Essendon)
Collier, Albert  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Collier, Harry  (Collingwood)
Collier, Reg  (Footscray)
Collier, Tom  (Brisbane)
Collihole, Ernie  (South Melbourne)
Colling, Cliff  (Hawthorn)
Colling, Gary  (St Kilda)
Collings, Ted  (South Melbourne)
Collins, Alan  (Footscray)
Collins, Andrew  (Richmond, Carlton)
Collins, Andy  (Hawthorn)
Collins, Basil  (Geelong)
Collins, Bill  (Hawthorn)
Collins, Bill  (Carlton)
Collins, Billy  (Melbourne)
Collins, Bob  (Footscray)
Collins, Bob  (Fitzroy)
Collins, Dan  (St Kilda)
Collins, Darren  (Collingwood, Footscray, Fitzroy)
Collins, Daryl  (Footscray)
Collins, David  (Essendon)
Collins, David
Collins, Dennis  (Footscray, Carlton, Richmond)
Collins, Geoff  (Melbourne)
Collins, Gerald  (Richmond)
Collins, Goldie  (Fitzroy)
Collins, Harry  (Fitzroy)
Collins, Hope  (Richmond)
Collins, Ian  (Carlton)
Collins, Jack  (Footscray)
Collins, Jack  (Fitzroy, Essendon)
Collins, Jack  (Geelong)
Collins, Jack  (Melbourne)
Collins, Jim  (Essendon)
Collins, Jon  (North Melbourne, St Kilda)
Collins, Kevin  (South Melbourne)
Collins, Lance  (Carlton)
Collins, Matthew  (Adelaide, Melbourne)
Collins, Maurie  (Essendon)
Collins, Mike  (Melbourne)
Collins, Mike  (Melbourne)
Collins, Norm  (Fitzroy, Carlton, Hawthorn)
Collins, Ted  (St Kilda)
Collins, Tim  (Melbourne)
Collins, Tod  (Essendon)
Collinson, Dick  (Footscray)
Collinson, Ted  (Richmond)
Collis, Gordon  (Carlton)
Collis, Ted  (Hawthorn)
Colliss, Wally  (Essendon)
Colliver, Barry  (Essendon)
Collocott, Harold  (Geelong)
Collopy, Will  (Richmond)
Colls, Kevin  (Richmond)
Colquhoun, Colin  (South Melbourne)
Colquhoun, Hugh  (St Kilda)
Colquhoun, Sam  (Port Adelaide)
Colquhoun, Ted
Colville, Gavin
Colvin, Ken  (South Melbourne)
Colyer, Roy
Colyer, Travis  (Essendon)
Comben, Aubrey  (Geelong)
Comben, Bruce  (Carlton)
Comben, John  (Carlton, Melbourne)
Comber, Charles  (Essendon)
Comber, Mick  (Melbourne)
Comer, Frank  (South Melbourne)
Comerford, Eric  (St Kilda)
Compton, Jack  (Melbourne)
Comte, Harry  (St Kilda)
Conca, Reece  (Richmond)
Condon, Anthony  (Hawthorn)
Condon, Bill  (South Melbourne)
Condon, Dick  (Collingwood, Richmond)
Condon, Don  (North Melbourne)
Condon, Fred  (South Melbourne)
Condon, George  (South Melbourne)
Condon, Jack  (Geelong)
Condon, Jim  (Essendon)
Congear, Angelo
Coniglio, Stephen  (GWS)
Conlan, Greg  (Richmond)
Conlan, Mick  (Fitzroy)
Conlan, Neil
Conlen, Bernie  (South Melbourne)
Conley, Jack  (Carlton)
Conlin, Alec
Conlin, Arthur
Conlon, Leo  (Footscray)
Conlon, Sid  (South Melbourne)
Connally, Jack  (St Kilda)
Connell, Jack  (St Kilda)
Connell, Jock
Connell, John
Connell, Kevin  (Hawthorn)
Connell, Matthew  (West Coast, Adelaide)
Connell, Maurie  (South Melbourne, Carlton)
Connell, Peter  (Fitzroy)
Connellan, Frank  (North Melbourne)
Connelly, Jack  (St Kilda)
Conniff, Matt  (St Kilda)
Connole, Jack  (Melbourne)
Connolly, Barry  (Footscray)
Connolly, Bert  (Footscray)
Connolly, Chris  (Melbourne)
Connors, Daniel  (Richmond)
Connors, Leo  (Hawthorn)
Connors, Matt  (Melbourne, Richmond)
Conole, Reg  (Melbourne)
Conquest, Jim  (Melbourne)
Conrad, Darrell
Conradi, Harold  (Geelong)
Conroy, Clem  (Melbourne)
Considine, Bernie  (Hawthorn)
Considine, Craig  (Richmond)
Considine, Ed  (Essendon, Sydney)
Considine, Frank  (Hawthorn)
Considine, Jim  (Footscray)
Considine, Maurie  (Hawthorn)
Considine, Pat  (Carlton)
Considine, Paul  (Hawthorn)
Constable, Bob  (Melbourne)
Constance, Paul  (Carlton)
Contessa, Adam  (Western Bulldogs)
Conway, Jack  (Geelong)
Conway, Jim
Conway, Mark  (Port Adelaide)
Cook, Allan  (Geelong)
Cook, Bill  (Geelong)
Cook, Bill  (Carlton)
Cook, Brett  (Fitzroy, St Kilda)
Cook, Brian  (Melbourne)
Cook, Brian
Cook, Frank  (South Melbourne)
Cook, Fred  (Footscray)
Cook, Fred  (Richmond)
Cook, Graeme  (Footscray)
Cook, Graeme  (Footscray)
Cook, James  (Carlton, Western Bulldogs, Melbourne)
Cook, Keith  (Richmond)
Cook, Lorne
Cook, Myke  (Adelaide)
Cook, Peter  (Melbourne)
Cook, Russell  (South Melbourne)
Cook, Ryan  (Collingwood)
Cook, Sudjai  (Adelaide)
Cook, Tim  (Adelaide)
Cook, Troy  (Sydney, Fremantle)
Cook, Wally  (Richmond)
Cooke, Allan  (Richmond)
Cooke, Bill  (Collingwood)
Cooke, Ed  (North Melbourne)
Cooke, Gary  (Melbourne)
Cooke, Lindsay  (St Kilda)
Cooke, Michael  (Hawthorn)
Cooke, Mick  (North Melbourne)
Cooke, Sam  (Richmond)
Cooke, Walter  (Geelong)
Cookson, Bill  (Essendon)
Coolahan, Jack  (Melbourne, Footscray)
Coombe, Mark
Cooney, Adam  (Western Bulldogs)
Cooper, Brett  (Collingwood)
Cooper, Cyril  (Footscray)
Cooper, Graham  (Hawthorn)
Cooper, Graham
Cooper, Ian  (Collingwood)
Cooper, Ian  (St Kilda)
Cooper, Jack  (Carlton)
Cooper, Jack  (Carlton)
Cooper, Jack  (Fitzroy)
Cooper, Jamie  (Fitzroy)
Cooper, John  (Hawthorn)
Cooper, Paul  (Hawthorn)
Cooper, Peter  (St Kilda)
Cooper, Reuben  (South Melbourne)
Cooper, Ron  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Cooper, Rupert  (Essendon)
Cooper, Stan  (St Kilda)
Cooyou, Rhys  (GWS)
Cope, Harry  (Melbourne)
Copeland, Robert  (Brisbane)
Copping, Stephen  (Essendon)
Coppock, Fred  (Footscray)
Coppock, Kevin  (Richmond)
Copsey, Alf  (Melbourne, St Kilda)
Corbett, Arch  (University)
Corbett, Bob  (Melbourne)
Corbett, Harry  (Fitzroy)
Corbett, Leo  (St Kilda)
Corbett, Richard
Corby, Frank  (Collingwood)
Corby, John  (Melbourne)
Corcoran, Kevin  (North Melbourne)
Corcoran, Shannon  (Footscray, Brisbane, Sydney)
Cordner, Alan  (Geelong, Collingwood)
Cordner, David  (Melbourne, Sydney)
Cordner, Denis  (Melbourne)
Cordner, Don  (Melbourne)
Cordner, Harry  (Melbourne, University)
Cordner, Jock  (Footscray, Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
Cordner, John  (Melbourne)
Cordner, Larry  (Hawthorn)
Cordner, Ted  (Melbourne)
Cordner, Ted  (Melbourne, University)
Cordy, Ayce  (Western Bulldogs)
Cordy, Brian  (Footscray)
Cordy, Graeme  (Footscray, Sydney)
Cordy, Neil  (Footscray, Sydney)
Corey, Joel  (Geelong)
Corfield, Joe  (Richmond)
Corkran, Peter  (Fitzroy)
CorMacK, Eric  (St Kilda)
CorMacK, Joe  (West Coast, Fitzroy)
CorMacK, Johnny  (South Melbourne)
Cornall, Ralph  (Essendon)
Cornelius, Aaron  (Brisbane)
Cornelius, George  (South Melbourne, Carlton)
Corner, Ian  (St Kilda)
Cornes, Chad  (Port Adelaide, GWS)
Cornes, Graham  (North Melbourne)
Cornes, Kane  (Port Adelaide)
Cornish, Claude  (Carlton)
Corr, Aidan  (GWS)
Corrie, Anthony  (Brisbane, Collingwood)
Corrigan, Paul  (Geelong)
Corrigan, Tommy  (Fitzroy)
Corry, Ivan  (Hawthorn)
Cosgrave, Bryan  (Fitzroy)
Cosgriff, Joe  (South Melbourne)
Cosgrove, Bill  (Richmond)
Costello, Bill  (Footscray)
Costello, Stan
Costigan, Frank  (Fitzroy)
Cotchin, Trent  (Richmond)
Cotter, Jack  (Richmond, South Melbourne)
Cotton, Jarrod  (Port Adelaide)
Cotton, Ron  (South Melbourne)
Cottrell, Len  (Carlton)
Couch, Paul  (Geelong)
Couch, Tom  (Melbourne)
Coucher, Jim  (Carlton)
Coughlan, Mark  (Richmond)
Cougle, Barry  (Geelong)
Coulsell, Fred  (North Melbourne, Essendon)
Coulson, Cliff  (Essendon)
Coulson, Frank
Coulter, Gordon  (Melbourne)
Coulton, Don  (Footscray, North Melbourne)
Couper, Murray
Couper, Norm  (South Melbourne)
Cousins, Ben  (West Coast, Richmond)
Cousins, Bryan  (Geelong)
Cousins, Richard  (Footscray)
Coutie, Vin  (Melbourne)
Couttie, Vern  (St Kilda)
Coutts, Dave  (South Melbourne)
Coutts, Eric  (Essendon)
Coutts, Frank  (North Melbourne)
Coutts, Rod  (Footscray)
Coventry, Gordon  (Collingwood)
Coventry, Harry
Coventry, Hugh  (Collingwood)
Coventry, Syd  (Collingwood)
Coventry, Syd  (Collingwood)
Coverdale, Kevin  (Hawthorn)
Coverlid, Jim
Cowan, Josh  (Geelong)
Coward, Ernie  (Essendon)
Coward, George  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Cowell, Bill  (St Kilda)
Cowell, George  (Collingwood, Carlton)
Cowell, Jim  (St Kilda, Melbourne)
Cowen, Derek  (North Melbourne)
Cowie, Darryl  (St Kilda, Richmond)
Cowley, Bert  (Carlton)
Cowley, Ernie  (Carlton)
Cowmeadow, Garry  (South Melbourne)
Cowton, Gary  (Footscray, South Melbourne, North Melbourne)
Cox, Adrian  (Hawthorn)
Cox, Berkeley  (Carlton)
Cox, Charlie  (St Kilda)
Cox, Colin  (Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Cox, Darcy
Cox, Darryl  (Fitzroy, Melbourne, Brisbane)
Cox, Dean  (West Coast)
Cox, Doug  (St Kilda, Essendon)
Cox, Graham  (Richmond)
Cox, Harry  (Melbourne)
Cox, Lance  (Richmond)
Cox, Shannon  (Collingwood)
Cox, Simon  (Western Bulldogs, Hawthorn)
Cox, Stanley
Coy, Harry  (Melbourne)
Coyle, Reg  (South Melbourne)
Crabb, Allan
Crabb, Jaxon  (West Coast, Port Adelaide)
Craddock, Eddie  (Melbourne)
Craig, Bobby  (Melbourne)
Craig, David  (North Melbourne)
Craig, Ian  (Richmond)
Craig, Jim
Craig, Neil
Craig, William
Craighead, Geoff  (South Melbourne)
Crameri, Ben  (Melbourne)
Crameri, Stewart  (Essendon, Western Bulldogs)
Crampton, Colin  (North Melbourne)
Cranage, Eddie  (St Kilda)
Cranage, Paul  (Collingwood)
Cranage, Sam  (St Kilda, Carlton)
Crane, Bill  (Collingwood)
Crane, Gary  (Carlton)
Crane, Henry  (Carlton)
Crane, Jack  (Essendon, Richmond, North Melbourne)
Crane, Len  (South Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Crane, Luke
Crane, Tom  (South Melbourne, North Melbourne)
Cransberg, Peter  (Essendon)
Crapp, Ivo
Crapper, Frank  (North Melbourne)
Crapper, Fred  (Richmond)
Crapper, Harry  (Melbourne)
Crase, Harold
Craven, Danny  (St Kilda, Brisbane)
Craven, Harold  (Geelong)
Crawford, Alan  (North Melbourne)
Crawford, Col  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
Crawford, Frank  (University)
Crawford, Justin  (Sydney, Hawthorn)
Crawford, Leigh  (Geelong)
Crawford, Shane  (Hawthorn)
Crawford, Tom  (Melbourne)
Crawley, Les  (Melbourne)
Crawley, Val  (Essendon)
Crawshay, Simon  (Hawthorn)
Crebbin, Bill  (Essendon)
Crebbin, Tom  (Richmond, St Kilda)
Credlin, Leo  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Crellin, Bertie  (Footscray)
Crennan, John  (St Kilda)
Cresswell, Daryn  (Sydney)
Crewes, Ian  (North Melbourne)
Crewther, Norm  (Collingwood)
Crichton, Hugh  (St Kilda)
Crichton, Jesse  (Fremantle)
Crimmins, Bryan  (Melbourne)
Crimmins, Peter  (Hawthorn)
Cripps, Jamie  (St Kilda, West Coast)
Cripps, Jason  (St Kilda)
Cripps, Patrick  (Carlton)
Crisfield, Henry  (Carlton)
Crisp, Gordon  (Carlton)
Crisp, Jack  (Brisbane)
Crisp, Mickey  (Carlton)
Crisp, Roy  (Collingwood)
Critchley, Ron  (Hawthorn)
Croad, Trent  (Fremantle, Hawthorn)
Croall, Jason  (Collingwood)
Crocker, Darren  (North Melbourne)
Croft, Edgar  (Essendon)
Croft, Graham  (St Kilda)
Croft, Joshua  (Footscray)
Croft, Matthew  (Western Bulldogs)
Crohan, Kevin  (Richmond)
Cromarty, Russell  (Fitzroy)
Cromie, Bob  (St Kilda)
Crompton, Eric  (Footscray)
Crompton, Neil  (Melbourne)
Cronan, Phil  (St Kilda, Footscray)
Crone, Dave  (Fitzroy, Carlton)
Crone, Len  (Carlton)
Cronin, Fred  (Geelong)
Cronin, Mick
Cronk, Jack  (Richmond)
Crosbie, Les  (North Melbourne)
Crosby, Roland  (North Melbourne)
Crosisca, Gavin  (Collingwood)
Crosling, Bill  (Footscray)
Cross, Andrew  (St Kilda, Fitzroy, Richmond)
Cross, Daniel  (Western Bulldogs, Melbourne)
Cross, Harrie  (Collingwood)
Cross, Jack  (Essendon)
Cross, Mark  (Footscray)
Cross, Martin  (Carlton)
Cross, Max  (Footscray)
Cross, Ray  (St Kilda)
Cross, Vince  (North Melbourne)
Crossan, Jim  (South Melbourne)
Crosswell, Brent  (Carlton, North Melbourne, Melbourne)
Crothers, Shane  (Geelong)
Crouch, Brad  (Adelaide)
Crouch, Gary  (Essendon)
Crouch, Jared  (Sydney)
Crouch, Laurie  (Fitzroy)
Crouch, Matt  (Adelaide)
Crouch, Tom  (Footscray)
Crough, Gerald  (South Melbourne)
Crow, Jim  (St Kilda)
Crow, Justin  (Collingwood)
Crow, Max  (Essendon, St Kilda, Footscray)
Crow, Russell  (Fitzroy)
Crow, Scott  (Hawthorn, Collingwood)
Crow, Tommy  (Essendon, Melbourne)
Crowe, Bernie  (Geelong)
Crowe, Bob  (Carlton)
Crowe, Jim  (Carlton, Collingwood)
Crowe, Matt  (Carlton)
Crowe, Neville  (Richmond)
Crowe, Tom  (St Kilda)
Crowe, Vin  (Richmond, Hawthorn)
Crowell, Andrew  (Adelaide)
Crowl, Claud  (St Kilda)
Crowl, Joe  (Geelong)
Crowley, Ian  (Essendon)
Crowley, Ryan  (Fremantle)
Crozier, Alec  (Hawthorn)
Crozier, Hayden  (Fremantle)
Crozier, Ray  (Footscray)
Crump, Alf  (North Melbourne)
Cruse, Colin  (Fitzroy)
Crutchfield, David  (Fitzroy)
Cubbins, Bill  (St Kilda, Footscray)
Cuffe, Jack  (North Melbourne, St Kilda)
Culhane, John  (Richmond)
Cullen, Jim  (Essendon, South Melbourne, Carlton)
Cullen, Mark  (Footscray)
Cullen, Paul  (South Melbourne)
Cullinan, Roy  (South Melbourne)
Cullum, Jim  (South Melbourne)
Culph, Charlie  (South Melbourne)
Culpitt, Heath  (Carlton)
Culpitt, Wally  (Hawthorn)
Cumberland, Cec  (Melbourne)
Cumberland, Vic  (Melbourne, St Kilda)
Cumming, Daryl  (Richmond, Melbourne, North Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Cumming, Dave  (University)
Cumming, Eric  (Footscray)
Cumming, John  (Melbourne)
Cumming, Len  (Footscray)
Cumming, Mark  (St Kilda)
Cummings, Claude  (Richmond)
Cummings, Percy  (Hawthorn)
Cummings, Robert  (Fitzroy)
Cummings, Scott  (Essendon, Port Adelaide, West Coast, Collingwood)
Cummings, Steven  (St Kilda)
Cummings, Trent  (Fitzroy, West Coast)
Cummins, Arthur  (Carlton)
Cummins, Bruce  (St Kilda)
Cummins, Frank  (South Melbourne, Melbourne)
Cunningham, Ben  (Fremantle)
Cunningham, Brian
Cunningham, Dan  (Melbourne)
Cunningham, Daryl  (St Kilda, Essendon)
Cunningham, Geoff  (St Kilda)
Cunningham, Harry  (Sydney)
Cunningham, John  (Geelong)
Cunningham, John  (Hawthorn)
Cunningham, Ken
Cunningham, Matt  (Fitzroy)
Cunningham, Pat  (St Kilda)
Cunningham, Tom  (St Kilda, Richmond)
Cunnington, Ben  (North Melbourne)
Cupido, Damian  (Brisbane, Essendon)
Curcio, Frank  (Fitzroy)
Curley, Todd  (Collingwood, Western Bulldogs)
Curnow, Ed  (Carlton)
Curran, Chris  (Collingwood)
Curran, Frank  (Hawthorn)
Curran, George  (South Melbourne)
Curran, Harold  (Melbourne)
Curran, Kevin  (Hawthorn)
Curran, Kevin  (Richmond)
Curran, Pat  (Richmond)
Curran, Peter  (Hawthorn, Brisbane)
Curran, Tim  (Fitzroy, St Kilda)
Curren, Tom  (St Kilda)
Currie, Daniel  (North Melbourne)
Currie, Dave  (Essendon)
Currie, Jack  (Richmond)
Currie, John  (Richmond)
Currie, Max  (Richmond)
Curtain, Peter  (St Kilda)
Curtayne, Bob  (St Kilda)
Curtin, Claude  (North Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Curtin, John  (St Kilda)
Curtis, Bill  (Fitzroy)
Curtis, Charlie  (Carlton)
Curtis, Harry  (Carlton, Collingwood)
Curtis, Peter  (North Melbourne)
Curtis, Stephen
Curyer, Clarrie  (St Kilda)
Cusack, Jim  (Fitzroy)
Cusack, Ted  (Richmond, North Melbourne)
Cuthbertson, Alex  (St Kilda)
Cuthbertson, Darren  (Melbourne)
Cutler, Bill  (Melbourne)
Cutler, Tom  (Brisbane)
Cutter, Frank  (Hawthorn)
Cuzens, Dave  (Richmond)
Cuzzupe, John  (Footscray)
Cybulka, Bohdan
Czerkaski, Peter  (Richmond)